Justin Marsden

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Justin’s passion for the real estate industry, performance and presentation skills are ideally suited to his career as a real estate professional.  As a result of a stage and television career, real estate trainer, qualifications as a licensed real estate agent and the completion of a degree in performing arts.

Since joining the industry in 2000 as a salesperson natural progression saw him move to the role of Principal in 2002 building a top business for Ray White in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane.  Widely admired and respected by his peers Justin is now found selling property throughout the eastern suburbs of Brisbane.

Justin has an impressive record as real estate agent that comes from overcoming challenges with intelligence, enthusiasm and a professional approach.  His highly developed business and communication skills can be directly attributed to his time spent as a principal, auctioneer and performer.

Having sold property across diverse market places and price ranges Justin knows that if it’s a waterfront property, acreage, town house, unit, commercial property or the family home the same principles of selling apply.   “Understanding and being able to read people is the key, this allows me to make sure I have exhausted every opportunity for you when selling your property” says Justin.

Outstanding success is measured by more than just sales results.  Both buyers and sellers speak glowingly about professionalism, personal qualities, reliability and the ability to achieve “win-win” results for everyone involved.  That’s why so many agents and sellers ask for Justin time after time when it comes to selling their investment and there is no better recommendation than a satisfied client.


  • 2015 - 15 Year Service Award